Manage your entire festival from a single app with TraffGen’s Festival Management Module. Designed with the needs of emerging festivals in mind it will help you co-ordinate visitors, press, artists, artist-management, admin, production & marketing all from a single tool.

What can festival visitors see?

  • Their own personalised itineraries with constant updates pushed through to their phone.
  • Generate social media content through a festival-curated channel.
  • Engagement tools such as beacons for interacting with artists.
  • Receive time-dependent food & beverage promotions direct to their phones.

What can artists see?

  • Full travel and performance information.
  • Manage artist & technical riders.
  • Communicate directly with the right people in festival production.
  • Manage PR & Press engagements with scheduling and group-chat capabilities.

What can artist management see?

  • Contract & billing management.
  • Manage artist & technical riders.
  • Manage PR & Press engagements.
  • Manage future bookings.
  • Full travel & accomodation information & requests.

What can marketing & production see?

  • Run mobile in-app campaigns with visitors.
  • Leverage artists with social engagement tools.
  • Social media management with content pushes direct from artists & from the festival.
  • Promotions & voucher production & management.
  • Detailed analytics regarding visitor numbers, event participation, in-festival movement & content generation.
  • Manage PR & Press interview scheduling.
  • Backstage access control with the ability to change access, suspend access, and provide access instantly to the mobile app. Beacons allow users to ‘swipe in’ to validate access and to use 2-layer security to validate identity.
  • Manage riders and artist movements.
  • Secure instant messaging to staff with different user roles and groups.

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