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Casinos are constantly marketing to the same pool of high-end players. TraffGen provides services to help your casino player development team identify the valuable players, then make the personal connections by engaging them, to capture and retain player loyalty.

TraffGen can ensure the continued success of your casino’s player development program by helping you:

  • Develop host incentive programs with measurable goals
  • Implement a team approach to reduce the player defection
  • Design specific objectives and financial parameters to ensure expenses are in line with revenues
  • Develop personalized player services
  • Create special events with the Cross Marketing Module
  • Plan the most effective use of comps and amenities
  • Develop a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) strategy
  • Help increase revenue through intuitive programs driven by the HUB



TG is a leader in convergence marketing for the casino industry. With a history of working with data from all casino systems, TG relies on its convergence platform to analyze and guide intelligent casino marketing strategy decisions. TG knows how to look at the numbers to tell a story of how your casino motivates players both online and in your property.

TGs advanced data platform crunches data into powerful casino business intelligence. Through the HUB, you can uncover:

  • Growth patterns
  • Which segments are increasing in value
  • Which segments are defecting
  • What programs are eroding your bottom line
  • Who is responding to direct marketing
  • Competitive effects

TGs’ convergence platform is organized to make complex numbers easily understood and actionable. Data analysis illuminates the segments of players who are growing, and to which customers you need to engage to maximize monetization.

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